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In addition to the work on the restoration of many tourist buildings that are also monumental heritage, ING-GRAD also carries out projects for the construction of new tourist buildings, as well as public purpose buildings. In the projects, we can boast of a series of modern, technologically advanced accommodation facilities for tourist purposes, museums and other public buildings.

Public buildings

In the projects of tourist and public buildings, we highlight the following works:

Arrangement and furnishing of museum spaces

In addition to interior and exterior decoration, the museum spaces themselves require furnishing with furniture and equipment, special lighting, visual and sound effects depending on the content and type of museum, and a setting that should be presented to visitors as faithfully as possible.

Did you know?

For the needs of multimedia events on the facade of the Archaeological Museum of Istria in Pula, a facade communication video system was created in the latest variant of LED display technology with a total area of ​​327.03 m2. In the inactive state, the system is almost transparent, that is, it does not interfere with the passage of daylight into the interior space of the museum. The system can be used as a whole or in segments, and the angle of light emission is 160 degrees horizontally and vertically, which ensures a uniform perception regardless of the dimensions of the display and the perspective of the observer. This makes it unique in Croatia by all its properties.

Cascade construction

Cascading construction is a unique way of connecting spaces at different heights and floors, which achieves a simple and functional flow for users and visitors and enables an unhindered experience of space and content.

Did you know?

The museum building in the Vučedol Archaeological Park is a building built on four floors that are connected by gently sloping ramps in a cascading manner, and with its green roof, it fits perfectly into the surroundings of the Slavonia landscape.

more than200.000

visitors per year in newly built museums

largest cave complex in Croatia with the length of exploration channels of over 8.000


Renovation of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Shipbuilding, Zagreb

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Shipbuilding

Public buildings

The building is for public and educational purposes with accompanying contents that complete the basic purpose. FSB east consists of two buildings (D and E) - each with a ground floor and a 3rd floor.

The objective of the restoration of the building is the restoration of the load-bearing structure to achieve better features of the building in terms of energy and safety and to increase the quality of stay for users. 

In order to increase the load-bearing capacity of the structure, strengthening of the load-bearing walls is carried out using shotcrete, construction of new mezzanine structures, construction of new rigid load-bearing walls of the staircase, strengthening of the foundation, and strengthening of the existing ab skeletal structure with FRP strips.

In terms of increasing energy efficiency, the existing exterior carpentry is being changed on building D, and a new ETICS facade is being constructed on building E with the installation of new exterior carpentry and new layers of flat roof. The project also reconstructs all types of installations on the building.




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