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In many residential and business-residential buildings, the company ING-GRAD carried out work on the business buildings of some of the largest and most famous Croatian companies.

Different business entities require different types of facilities, so they vary from strictly business office facilities, shopping centres to industrial plants.

When building residential buildings, the company is guided by the principle that quality and satisfaction should be at the highest level.

Office buildings

In projects for the construction of commercial and residential buildings, we emphasize the following works:

Execution of the construction pit

During the construction of modern buildings, especially in the centres of large cities with a large concentration of other buildings near the place of construction of the new building, attention is first of all paid to the system of execution and protection of the construction pit. This system provides a safe foundation for the new building, as well as protection for other existing buildings in the vicinity.

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The business and commercial building at Savska cesta and the residential building at Lomnička street are connected by as many as four underground floors where parking spaces and storage rooms are located, for which it was necessary to create a construction pit and a reinforced concrete diaphragm and to provide a safe foundation with steel steps new facilities and protect the neighbouring ones.

Execution of craftsman and installation works

After the construction, but also in parallel with the construction of the basic structure of the building, it starts with the execution of craftsman and installation works and finally the furnishing of the building. Craftsmanship works include plastering, making glazes, sub-laying works, electrical installations, plumbing and sewage installations, heating and ventilation, and fire protection.

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When decorating the large hall in the building of the National University Library in Zagreb for the needs of Croatia's presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2020, work was carried out to strengthen the roof structure, sprinkler installation and ventilation installation, electrical installation and heating and cooling installation. The hall was also acoustic protection with sound-absorbing panels on the walls covered with decorative wooden panelling, and the ceiling is finished with hanging sound-absorbing lamellas.

Arrangement and furnishing of the buildings

The final arrangement and furnishing of the buildings are, in most cases, included in the process of building the building. The level of furnishing and arrangement of the facility differs with regard to the type and purpose of the facility and the requirements and needs of the investor.

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The Lašćina Nursing Home in Zagreb is equipped with special furniture, equipment and aids necessary for the highest quality accommodation of the elderly and infirm, with special emphasis on the needs of people suffering from Alzheimer's disease. In addition, the home is equipped with the most modern kitchen and catering equipment and machines necessary for the preparation of food for users, professional devices for laundry and other equipment, which makes this home at the time of construction one of the best equipped nursing homes in Zagreb.

Arrangement of roads, parking lots and the environment of the facility

The final stage of the construction of each building is the arrangement of its environment, which includes the arrangement of access and internal roads, parking lots and other facilities, as well as landscaping. The external infrastructural elements related to the distribution of energy sources, as well as water supply, sewerage and telecommunications, thus fit into the new environment of the building in the best way.

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When arranging the square at the Student Dormitory Complex of the University of Dubrovnik, the surface of 5,000 sqm of the area was landscaped. The space is multifunctional, consisting of a green area and a landscaped part that can serve as a space for mingling and it is possible to add content over time as desired by the user. The above-ground floors are represented by three rhomboid-shaped towers connected to each other in the central part.

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Office building and warehouse PLINACRO, Ivanić Grad

Plinacro d.o.o.

Office buildings

The construction of the administrative building and warehouse in Ivanić Grad lasted from August 2009 to May 2010. The complex consists of two buildings, of which the administrative building has monolithic dimensions of 31.50 x 13.72 m, and was built as a two-story building with a total floor plan of surface area 1796.44 sqm.

The facades of the ground floor and the first floor of the building are divided by a continuous series of window openings with blue reflective glass, while on the first floor in front of the windows there is a curtain of movable tin panels in light blue and green, which in addition to their decorative function also have the function of a screen to protect from the sun. These panels are repeated on the sides of the building, also in front of the windows. Under the roof, a roof cornice of blue tin flows continuously. The entrance part occupies the central part of the building, it is open with large glass surfaces with blue reflective glass on both floors, and the entrance part is accessed by a staircase with a ramp for the disabled. Above the entrance there is a terrace secured by a metal fence, and behind it are spaces glazed with blue reflective glass. Office spaces are located in the administration building. The interior is well lit, functional and simple. The walls of the corridor in the lower part are painted light blue, and in the upper part, instead of the ceiling, they are open with a glass surface.

The second building was constructed as a prefabricated building and has floor plan dimensions of 88.02 x 15.02 m, with a total floor plan area of ​​1192 sqm. it houses a closed warehouse, an atomic shelter, and a dispatch centre. The part of the building intended for the dispatch centre is higher than the warehouse, its facade is divided into three rows of smaller rectangular and square window openings, painted in grey, while the hall intended for storage and shelter is lower. The facade is white and has larger, longitudinal rectangular window openings. The doors of the warehouse and the tin roof above the entrance to the dispatch centre and the roof cornice are made of blue sheet metal, while the reflective glass is also blue.





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