Landesman palace, Vukovar

The Landesman palace is situated in the urban protected area of Vukovar, the V. Nazor street n°3. Built in 1892. for the Landesmann family in Neo-Renaissance style the palace enjoys the status of a cultural monument protected by law. At the beginning of the 20th century it was leased to the state postal office, and later it was occupied by various public services. During the Croatian War of Independence the palace was almost entirely destroyed together with the courtyard building which housed auxiliary structures such as the boiler-room, garage and the residence of the caretaker and that had to be demolished due to its damages. The main street building was reconstructed together with its façade with all decorative elements as well as the elements of the manufactured sculptural decoration and the new courtyard building connected to the main building was added. To serve the purpose of the Croatian Pension Insurance Institute the buildings have been arranged with offices and utility roms. The simple elongated street façade is articulated by narrow, rectangular windows which in pairs of two or three are divided by pilasters, and on the centre of the ground floor there is a wide, semicircular entrance doorway. The courtyard façade is articulated by wide arches in the centre and narrow window openings at the end of the building.
The works on the Landesman palace conducted during 2006. and 2007. in accordance with the conservation terms and within the Project of the renovation of the cultural monuments and objects of public service in Vukovar, consisted of reconstruction, adding, interior design and furnishing of the business spaces of the Croatian Pension Insurance Institute, Regional office in Vukovar.

Landesman palace


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