Old town of Kostajnica, Hr. Kostajnica

The old town of Kostajnica became a fortified town from the 15th century when the owner was the Arlandović family. Its owner became Martin Frankopan in 1442.  In the first half of the 16th century by the deed of gift from the king Ferdinand the Zrinski family obtained the ownership and already in 1556. it fell into Turkish hands. The town served as a base for the defense of the turkish frontiers on the river Una until 1689. The town was built by the river in polygonal shape on stone foundations. It has a strong semicircular tower with embrasures and two square towers. The project of the complete improvement and presentation of the Old town in Kostajnica started with the constructive improvement, injection and partial remodelling of the walls of the pentagonal tower. The walls are plastered and whitened with whitewash according to the perserved original parts, the improvement of the roof construction was conducted following the original geometry and the replacement of the roof covering with hand-carpented larch shingles, known as šindra. The façade remained of stone. The works on the improvement of the external walls are in progress. In the final phase the inside of the old town and the promenade on the defensive wall will be designed according to plans.

Old town of Kostajnica


Kalinovica 3/IV
10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

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