Town walls of Motovun, Motovun

The concentric and semi-concentric medieval fortification walls of Motovun form a concentric layout typical for medieval towns. The oldest core of the city is belted with defensive walls from 13-14th century which rest on older foundations, their preserved height is from 9-15 m and length 45m. From the inner part those walls are strengthened with a row of niches that served as embrasures with quadrangular-shaped defensive towers on their prominent parts. The promenade of Vladimir Nazor is today situated on the top of the walls.
It's leading around the highest part of the town and earlier it was strengthened with parapets removed during the 16-17th century. In the course of time suburbs have developed first on the southern then on the eastern slope of the hill. They were also belted with defensive walls which lost their role as a defense system and were partially integrated in constructed buildings and so today they are perserved in traces. All three parts of the town are connected with walls, towers and city gates built in 15-17th century by means of the system of internal and external fortification. The Community of Motovun is financing a very demanding improvement of the part of the walls at the outer part of the city and the supporting wall Barbican. The works, among all, consist of: the injection of the bore-holes with the mixture of lime and white cement, the dismantling of the unsteady blocks and partial replacement with new ones whose material, dimensions and manufacture correspond to the old.

Town walls of Motovun


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