Arsan Petris palace, Cres

The palace is located at the main square. It was erected in the 15th century, in the Venetian Gothic and Early Renaissance style. The Museum of Cres has been established in the building. The static stability of the building has been secured by applying the classical methods of integrating the cona-mono fastening and of the injecting of a special injection mixture. Apart from the interior design of the palace, the reconstruction of the wooden ceiling and the roof truss has been carried out, as well as the renovation of the covering, by means of half-round tile, made in the technique of drystone-wall building, following the tradition of the environment. The stone plastic art has been renovated, according to the existing pieces and the original condition.

Arsan Petris palace


Kalinovica 3/IV
10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

Phone number

T. + 385 1 / 30 33 000
F. + 385 1 / 38 35 600