Vučedol Archeological Park

ING-GRAD d.o.o., as the general contractor of construction and specialist work, has participated in the Ilok-Vukovar-Vučedol Cultural Heritage Research, Restoration and Revitalization Project financed in the largest part by the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) and the Croatian Government. Works on the archeological location Vučedol were realized in the period from August 2009 until September 2012.
Vučedol is situated on the right bank of the Danube, 4.5 km downstream from the center of Vukovar. The archeological tourist park and the Vučedol museum building stretch across somewhat over 8 hectares, and the terrain is covered with a forest and vineyards. The Vučedol project, of the designer Goran Raka from the Zagreb company Radionica arhitekture d.o.o., encompassed the construction of the new museum building, perfectly incorporated into the natural landscape, restoration of the Streim Villa (severely damaged in the Homeland War), fitting it out for the needs of the research center, the construction of the Old Trades Workshop facility, and the reconstruction of Megaron – Vučedol acropolis in its original form, in the location of the shrine’s metallurgical workshop.

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