Curia Janković, Pakrac

Landed-nobility residential structure, also the central building of the estate. A Baroque one-storey house, built in the period from 1728 to 1745, next to the previous main, and at the same time a market square. In the building a musical school has been established.
The building has been reconstructed, improved, remodelled and adjusted to the needs of the Open University, the Elementary Musical School and the mass media. The production of new grooves and ornaments at the front and in the interior of the building has been carried out in accordance with the original condition and conservation instructions. The wooden roof and ceiling frames have been renovated by using high-quality pine material with great sections and spans. The new woodwork, with grooves, has been produced on the basis of the preserved earlier patterns.


Kalinovica 3/IV
10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

Phone number

T. + 385 1 / 30 33 000
F. + 385 1 / 38 35 600