The construction of quality infrastructure is the basis for the development of any society and state. The infrastructure projects are an important segment of ING-GRAD's operation. Since its establishment, the company took part in a number of important infrastructure projects all over Croatia, and these include the construction of sewerage systems, transportation infrastructure, bridges and other projects.

Franjo Tuđman bridge, Dubrovnik

The works on consolidation of the foothold bearing parts, as well as the preservation arrangement of the sloping ground under the bridge footing have been carried out by using the latest technology and equipment. The previous construction of stable bearing scaffolding and a working platform for the shaping of weights and weight blocks was necessary on an inaccessible, dangerous and demanding terrain.

Franjo Tuđman bridge, Dubrovnik

Dams on the Korana river, Karlovac

In the course of the Croatian War of Independence dams on the Korana River in Karlovac and Turanj were damaged. Improvements at the downpour and drainage sluices, as well as of the dam and the crosstie were necessary. Improvement has consisted of the hydromehanical cleaning and removing of damaged parts, then the injection of bore-holes and the crack and crater treatment with special kinds of repair mortar. The works have been executed in demanding and extremely difficult working condition, by using floating working platforms, which serve for artificial lowering and maintenance of water level.

Bridge over Drava river, Osijek

The improvement of the caisson-foundations of the bridge has been performed by installing the reinforced-concrete block-boards of the talpi type, by underwater concreting with a mixture prepared on the basis of special prescription and by the injection of the fundamental ground with micro-concrete. Integrality has been reached by arranging – shaping of the river banks around the foundations of the bridge.

Bridge over Drava river, Osijek

Mirni Gaj Cemetery, Sesvete, Zagreb

Within the Mirni Gaj graveyard complex, new parts have been constructed – new grave-parcels; the works have encompassed the structuring of the pressure sewage system, water supply and drainage system, the remodeling and arrangement of the mortuary, the construction of 860 new family vaults. Access and communication paths inside the graveyard have been provided, and the environment has been landscaped.


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