HEP heat storage, Zagreb Cogeneration Plant

A heat storage plant is constructed within the Zagreb Cogeneration Plant. The heat storage is a steel tank of 24 m diameter and of 47.50 m to 50.12 m sheathing height. The foundation structure of the heat storage steel tank consists of a circular reinforced concrete slab leaning on 69 reinforced concrete piles. In plan layout, the piles are distributed in four concentric rings (circles). The foundation slab is of D = 27 m diameter and of d = 200 cm thickness. Under the steel staircase, the foundation slab has a rectangular overhang of plan dimensions of approx. 3.40 x 6.5 m that is leaning on 2 piles. All the piles are of 1 m diameter and of 20 m length. A pumping station and hot water pipeline posts of the new plant are also constructed within the plant. The pumping station building is a one-storey building, of rectangular plan shape of 20.36 m x 11.59 m dimensions, of 8.56 m total height, measured from the elevation of the arranged terrain. The hot water pipeline route connects the part from the new pumping station to the exiting block C and from the new pumping station to the heat storage tank.

HEP heat storage

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