Reconstruction – extension of storage tank farm at Sisak terminal

Client JADRANSKI NAFTOVOD d.d., Zagreb, commissions the reconstruction – extension of storage tank farm at Sisak Terminal. The project includes the construction of storage tanks A-2513 and A-2512 with the appertaining equipment and infrastructure and their connection to the existing system. The purpose of this project is to increase the Sisak Terminal storage tank farm capacity from 500 000 m3 to date to 580 000 m3.
ING-GRAD d.o.o., acting as part of a three-member consortium together with companies Monting d.o.o. and Đuro Đaković d.d., carries out the construction work that includes earthworks and reinforced-concrete work. The work included the foundation soil improvement by stone column construction, the construction of ring-shaped reinforced-concrete foundations for tanks as well as tank bottom plate. The subgrade consists of a number of layers made of various materials preventing the irrigation and weakening of soil as well as the seepage of media into the soil and thus soil and groundwater contamination. The storage tank diameter is 73 metres, and the height 20 meters.

Reconstruction – extension of storage tank farm at Sisak terminal


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