Bridges and memorial places

The ING-GRAD Ltd. Company has performed a range of works connected with the improvement, restoration and conservation of monuments and cultural heritage in all the regions of Croatia. Investors have been prominent national and church establishments and institutions, such as the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, Croatian Conservation Institute, Heritage Authority offices in Osijek, Split, Rijeka, the Archaeological Museum in Pula, The Croatian State Archives, Archdiocese of Zagreb, Diocese of Đakovo and Syrmia, Đakovačka i Srijemska biskupija, Episcopal Ordinariate in Požega, Archdiocese of Rijeka, Episcopal Ordinariate in Poreč, parishes, local district and town hall governments and other placers of order. The activities include sacred architecture, historic buildings and edifices such as fortresses, castles and palaces. Those structures, dictate a special approach and relationship towards the work, especially when they obtain a new function, adjusted to current demands of their users and placers of order. In the course of building, wherever possible, special techniques, based on the knowledge of old masters' techniques, skills and prescriptions, have been applied.

Marmont's bridge, Oštarije

The condition of the stone bridge, dating from the beginning of the 19th century, over the Mrežnica River, has demanded static improvement of the foundations with the injection of suspensions made of a mixture of lime and cement. The reconstruction and renovation of arches, pillars and walls of the bridge with stone blocks of great dimensions have followed. The new stone materials has been adjusted to the existing original parts by quality and size, and treated with precise dressing. The road surface has also been renewed.

Bridge over Gacka river, Otočac

The old stone bridge needed improvement and reconstruction, according to the conservation instruction, with the aim of keeping the original appearance of the bridge. The stability of the bridge has been provided with a new reinforced-concrete bearing frame, as well as with the remodeling of the existing and the integration of new stone blocks, according to the preserved earlier material.

Stone Flower Memorial, Jasenovac Memorial Site, Jasenovac

The concrete frame improvement of the monument has been preceded by careful hydro mechanical deconstruction of dilapidated concrete, cleaning and protection of the corroded armature. The concrete surface improvement has been carried out by applying special kinds of improvement mortars. In accordance with visible imprints of board forms and the preserved patina have been retained.

Stone Flower Memorial, Jasenovac Memorial Site


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