Old town of Samobor, Samobor

The noble Old town of Samobor was built by the supporters of the Czech king Otokar II. on Tepec hill in the period  from 1260-1264. above the market-place of Samobor in order to reinforce the old frontier. The town has an irregular and indented layout and it consists of three parts of which the central with a town core is the oldest. On the south-eastern part of the core a tall defense tower, which is the only significant  remain of the oldest Otokar's phase of construction, is erected.  Thanks to this tower the Old town of Samobor is a very unique example and it distinguishes itself from the other two neighboring old towns Okić and Lipovac of which the Old town of Samobor is the biggest. Beside this tower there is a three-storey semicircular tower with the interesting chapel of St. Anna from the third decade of the 16th century situated on it's first floor. In the course of time the town core expanded on the north in a trapezoid courtyard surrounded with a strong defensive wall which has a pentagonal battery at the corners. On the south side the last constructed building was a three-storey house. The most significant reconstruction took place in the third decade of the 16th century and the biggest in the 17th and 18th century. At that time a porticoed palace courtyard developed and the interior was richly furnished. At the end of the 18th century the owners abandoned the town.In the complex of improvement and presentation project of the Old town of Samobor until now the works on the renovation of the chapel walls have been carried out. Considering the monumental characteristics and aggravated working conditions due to the complexity of the vertical and horizontal transport the project is very demanding. The building of the stone wall identical to the original state required the engagement of high-quality craftsmen. For the construction were used the cleaned stones recovered from the cave-in, the white cement and the slaked lime.

Old town of Samobor


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