Church of St. Philip and Jacob, Gvozdansko (Sisak)

The village of Gvozdansko in the region of Banija at the foot of the fort bearing the same name, which provided silver and lead mines for the Zrinski family. The parish church was built in 1769, and restored in 1963. Gravely damaged in the Croatian War of Independence. Following instructions of the authorized Heritage Authority offices, the original appearance of the church has been restored. The walls have been renovated by means of the stone treated in accordance with preserved original patterns, and the plastering has been based on the original defining. According with the preserved details, the roof construction, the exterior woodwork and the stone flooring have been renovated.



Kalinovica 3/IV
10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

Phone number

T. + 385 1 / 30 33 000
F. + 385 1 / 38 35 600