Sacred architecture

The ING-GRAD Ltd. Company has performed a range of works connected with the improvement, restoration and conservation of monuments and cultural heritage in all the regions of Croatia. Investors have been prominent national and church establishments and institutions, such as the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, Croatian Conservation Institute, Heritage Authority offices in Osijek, Split, Rijeka, the Archaeological Museum in Pula, The Croatian State Archives, Archdiocese of Zagreb, Diocese of Đakovo and Syrmia, Đakovačka i Srijemska biskupija, Episcopal Ordinariate in Požega, Archdiocese of Rijeka, Episcopal Ordinariate in Poreč, parishes, local district and town hall governments and other placers of order. The activities include sacred architecture, historic buildings and edifices such as fortresses, castles and palaces. Those structures, dictate a special approach and relationship towards the work, especially when they obtain a new function, adjusted to current demands of their users and placers of order. In the course of building, wherever possible, special techniques, based on the knowledge of old masters' techniques, skills and prescriptions, have been applied.

Parish church of St. Nicholas, Barban

The church was built in the middle of the 15th century upon the remains of an old fort which was the core of a fortified medieval settlement. It was enlarged in a big one-aisled parish church of St. Nicholas at the beginning of the 18th century, consecrated in 1701 and finished in 1708. In the interior it has a straight ceiling, the walls are articulated only by windows and doors, the sanctuary is elevated on a pair of stairs and separated from the rest of the church space by the semicircular opening of the triumphal arch inscribed in a rectangular field. There are five marble baroque altars with altarpieces made by famous venetian artists from the 16th till 18th century in the church, a gothic stone custody from the 15th century and wooden baroque sculptures from the 18th century. The bell tower is 25 m high, it's situated by the front and added on a medieval tower. The works on the renovation of the church consisted of the static improvement of the stonework and the restoration of the roof frame with oak roof material in accordance with the original geometry and the replacement of the roof covering. The improvement of the front walls has been carried out by means of a special kind of repair mortar while the improvement of the ceilings has been carried out by means of lime plaster in accordance with the original defining and the instructions of the Heritage Authority.

Parish church of St. Nicholas

St. Lawrence Church, Požega

One of the earliest Gothic edifices in Slavonia, erected by the end of the 13th century, on the remains of a structure from the Roman period. At the beginning of the 14th century the vault and the walls were painted in fresco. At the beginning of the 16th century it was linked by Renaissance arcades to another church, constructed next to the northern wall in the 15th century. During the Ottoman reign it served as a mosque and a warehouse. After the liberation of Požega in 1698, it was thoroughly restored by the Jesuits. The church was thoroughly restored in the period from 1858 to 1871. In the year of 1898 it was renovated in the Neo-Gothic style. The works on the static stability securing by the injection of the foundations, the walls and the vaults, as well as by the installation of a micropilot and rod-shaped connectors, have been carried out. The exterior and interior design of the building has demanded, owing to its considerable monumental value, the execution of numerous delicate construction and artisan interventions, by means of which the walls and the vaults have been improved and decorated, the stone flooring and the massive wooden staircase and choir frame have been restored, and the conservation and the reconstruction of the crypt have been carried out.

St. Lawrence Church

Church of St. George, Mateško Selo

The church of St. George in Mateško selo is probably the oldest church of the Ogulin region, it originates from the 12th century and is the only perserved sacral building that survived the Turkish devastations during the 15th, 16th and 17th century. It was the parish church from 1802 until 1892 when the new church of St. Michael in Mrežnički Brest was built and now it is the subsidiary chapel. This modest one-aisle church with a rectangular apse and a "preslica" from 18-19th century above the main entrance has the covers of the roman sarcophagi produced in the nearby stone-pits built in its foundations and their coffins were used to build the corners of the very same building.
In the may of 2006 a years-long reconstruction and the improvement of the chapel of St.George was finished. The project consisted of static improvement of the walls and foundations of the chapel, the reconstruction and replacement of the wooden roof frame and roof cover with Biber tile, the reconstruction of the lopica (porch covered with roof in front of the church), walls of the cinktor, the executionof the crypt and the renovation of the front and the stone flooring and at last the design of the environment.

Church of St. George

Church of St. Teresa of Avila, Suhopolje (Virovitica)

The parish church of St. Teresa of Avil was built in the Classicist style in 1814 by the noble family of Janković. The church is characterized with a quadrangular shrine, a circular nave with a vaulted dome and two sideward bell-towers. The works on the church have included the improvement of the extremely complex wooden roof frame, consisting of several separate, independent constructive parts, according to the original geometry. The clapboard roof covering of the central dome and both of the towers has been improved, and the new copper sheet has been added. The interior design of the church has followed: the restoration of the walls, the flooring, the woodwork and the furniture.

Church of St. Teresa of Avila


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