ING-GRAD took part in a number of complex electric power supply projects, among others the construction of wind power plants, biomass power plants, thermal power stations, construction and reconstruction of gas distribution network as well as other projects. The increasing investment into renewable energy sources in Croatia was the opportunity for the company ING-GRAD to establish itself in that line of business operations as well. Dedication and quality is what matters when projects as demanding as these are concerned.

Rail tank car filling facility

Participation of Ing-Grad d.o.o. in the project of rebuilding and modernization of the rail tank car filling facility and unloading installations at INA Oil Refinery Sisak, which consists of construction of the reinforced concrete structure of the industrial track, piles and structure of the filling facility, pump station, slop tank, and construction and craft works at accompanying structures and substation.

HEP heat storage, Zagreb Cogeneration Plant

A heat storage plant is constructed within the Zagreb Cogeneration Plant. The heat storage is a steel tank of 24 m diameter and of 47.50 m to 50.12 m sheathing height. The foundation structure of the heat storage steel tank consists of a circular reinforced concrete slab leaning on 69 reinforced concrete piles. In plan layout, the piles are distributed in four concentric rings (circles). The foundation slab is of D = 27 m diameter and of d = 200 cm thickness. Under the steel staircase, the foundation slab has a rectangular overhang of plan dimensions of approx. 3.40 x 6.5 m that is leaning on 2 piles. All the piles are of 1 m diameter and of 20 m length. A pumping station and hot water pipeline posts of the new plant are also constructed within the plant. The pumping station building is a one-storey building, of rectangular plan shape of 20.36 m x 11.59 m dimensions, of 8.56 m total height, measured from the elevation of the arranged terrain. The hot water pipeline route connects the part from the new pumping station to the exiting block C and from the new pumping station to the heat storage tank.

HEP heat storage

Wind Power Plant Zelengrad, Obrovac

For the employer Eko Energija d.o.o. from Obrovac, Ing-Grad d.o.o., as the general contractor, with a number of other renowned Croatian companies in the field of power generation (Dalekovod d.d., ABB d.o.o., Mar d.o.o., etc.), carried out works on the construction of the Wind Power Plant Zelnegrad in Obrovac, of 42 MW power, in the period from July 2013 until March 2014. The project encompassed the construction of wind turbines foundations, the construction of the substation 30/110 kV Zelengrad, 110 kV power transmission line of 9.6 km length, construction of MV cable lines of the wind park, supply and assembly of electrical equipment, and the construction of access roads and routes.

Wind Power Plant Zelengrad, Obrovac

Construction of the eastern hot-water supply line and steam supply line of the Zagreb Cogeneration Plant

In the course of 2013, and in the joint venture with the company Monting d.o.o., within the project of the construction of the eastern hot-water supply line and steam supply line of the Zagreb Cogeneration Plant – Slavonska avenija, Ing-Grad d.o.o. carried out construction work on the construction of phase I of the pre-insulated steam supply line and hot-water supply line for supplying thermal energy to the eastern part of the city of Zagreb on the section from the Zagreb Cogeneration Plant to the shaft along Radnička cesta. On said section, the existing overhead steam supply line, in the length of 1613 m, was replaced with the underground line.

Construction of the eastern hot-water supply line and steam supply line of the Zagreb Cogeneration Plant – Slavonska avenija


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