Business and residental building; Savska cesta 137 – Lomnička ulica, Zagreb

Business - commercial and residential building is located along one of the main thoroughfares in Zagreb, Sava road 137 Aboveground gross area of ??the complex is 5536.00 m2 and underground 6172.00 m2. Business - commercial buildings is high ground and six above ground floors (floors each the size of a 230 - 330m2 net area). In the ground-floor office building is a shopping center connected to the floor -1 total area of ??1,250.00 m2. In Lomnickoj Street is a residential building with ground-level and five levels above ground total net area of ??1,770 m2 with two center staircase and two elevators and a total of 23 apartments (from 34 to 144m2 net area). Residential building a pedestrian corridor associated with the Sava road. On the ground floor of residential building are two commercial spaces. Business - Business and residential buildings are connected underground levels (-2, -3 and -4 storeys) where located parking spaces and storage (especially for the business part of it, especially for the residential part of the building). The terrain between the buildings is landscaped and occupies 765.55 m2

Business l building - Savska cesta 137

Residental building - Lomnicka ulica

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