Ophthalmology Clinic Svjetlost, Heinzelova 39, Zagreb

The Ophthalmology Clinic Svjetlost is the most modern ophthalmology clinic in Europe, built in accordance with the most recent functional standards of similar modern medical centres with a total number of 170 employees. The Clinic was built from December 2007 till January 2009, and it occupies a total surface area of 3300 m². The building has garage places on two underground floors and a car lift, a ground floor and six other floors, with the unique "spyder" glazed façade decorating the outside walls.

Ophthalmology Clinic Svjetlost


Kalinovica 3/IV
10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

Phone number

T. + 385 1 / 30 33 000
F. + 385 1 / 38 35 600