Reconstruction of the Verudela Beach & villa resort, Pula

The subject of this project was the reconstruction of tourist apartments and the restaurant in the tourist settlement Verudela in Pula. The intervention included the reconstruction of indoor premises in 15 structures with a total of 146 apartments and a restaurant by the lighthouse. The first order of business was to remove and demount the existing equipment, material, partition walls and installations. After that, the reconstruction of the tourist settlement could commence. The apartment settlement was arranged according to a higher standard, which included: lowering of ceilings, laying of new ceramics, installation of new doors and glass partitions, painting indoor and outdoor spaces of structures, and executing new installations and equipment.
The restaurant situated at an impressive location, by the edge of the rocks that descend vertically into the sea, was also transformed. Deteriorated cantilever terrace of the restaurant was restored and pergolas were executed in steel structure, as protection from the rain and the sun. The indoor space of the restaurant was modified according to the client’s new needs: floors were replaced with ceramic tiles, joinery was replaced with new, internal partitions were executed according to the new floor plan layout, and natural light was introduced via large glass walls.

Reconstruction of the Verudela Beach & villa resort, Pula


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