Palace of the First Croatian Savings Bank (Oktogon), Ilica 5, Zagreb

The First Croatian Savings Bank has comissioned the Palace of the First Croatian Savings Bank in 1898-1900. The architect was Josip pl. Vancaš who was also in charge of the supervision of the construction which was performed by the company Pilar & Mally & Bauda. The central part of the building is built in octagonal shape and vaulted with a dome which is an example of technical achievements of that period visible on the metal grate-like structure with stained-glass. This central part is connected by two passages with the neighboring street and square. The figural reliefs on the tympanum, the impressive atlants on the entrance and also the renowned relief "Hrvatska" situated on the west side under the dome with many allegorical figures are the work of the workshop Rainhold Völkel, while the author of the stone statues is Dragutin Morak. The building was built in a very short period of fifteen and a half months.
The project for the renovation of the north and south passage of the Palace of the First Croatian Savings Bank Oktogon consisted of the protection and renovation of the front plaster according to the existing design, the improvement and restoration of the glass ceilings, cleaning of the existing ones and replacement of the woodwork elements with metal reinforcements, the final painting of the walls by applying the silicat colors and the installation of the system of protection from the pigeons.



Kalinovica 3/IV
10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

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