University of Zagreb Administration Building, Zagreb

Ludwig von Zettl is the author of the project for the the Royal hospital which was built on the area of the former fairground from 1856-1859. In the second half of the 19th century there was the tobacco factory and in 1882 it became the seat of the University of Zagreb. It is one of the rare representatives of Rundbogenstil characteristic for the early historicism that is marked by a mixture of bizantian, romanesque and renaissance forms present here on the façade in form of blind arcades, characteristic window openings etc. The front consists of three higher risalites connected between themselves by shorter wings with a contiouous row of window openings. On The Administration Building of Zagreb University the improvement of the dilapidated wooden roof truss has been carried out by building the new roof covering made of the clay Biber tile and the improvement of the sheet-metal material. After the damp improvement with special materials, the fronts of the central and east part have been renovated.

 University of Zagreb Administration Building, University Rectorate and Faculty of Law

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