The Archaeological Museum of Istria, Pula

The building of the State German Lyceum was built in 1890 and this is where the Archaeological Museum of Istria is situated today. The building is a masonry structure of a regular comb-shaped ground-plan (letter E) with a basement, a ground floor, the first and second storey and an attic. The stone walls are constructed with massive stone blocks. The planned reconstruction included the extension of the existing building on its west side into two clear areas formed among the north, south and central wing. Each of the added segments has a rectangular ground-plan outline and is structurally dilated from the existing building. The extension has the exact number of storeys as the existing building does; however, when it comes to the attic, the extension ends with a flat walk-through roof accessed from the attic of the existing building. During the alteration work in the building surroundings, accompanied by permanent archaeological supervision, numerous ancient walls, mosaics, amphorae and two 14th and 15th century bells were found which have been buried ever since.

The Archaeological Museum of Istria - works

The Archaeological Museum of Istria - completed object


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