Museum of Alka of Sinj, Sinj

In the short period from the middle of March until the end of July, 2015, before the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the Alka of Sinj (Cro. Sinjska alka), the works on the arrangement of the permanent exhibition of the Museum of the Alka of Sinj in Sinj were carried out for the investor Viteško alkarsko društvo Sinj (The Alka Knights Association). By the arrangement of the Alka Knights' Court, the old building of the Venetian Quarters, the conditions were realized for the knights' tournament The Alka of Sinj to get a representative museum space which will be permanently open to the public and acquaint the interested persons with the history of this knights' tournament. The works comprised the architectural arrangement and fitting out of the space for the museum exhibition, a projection hall, a souvenir shop and a café, and equipping of the space with complex multimedia equipment.

Museum of Alka of Sinj