Facilities for market

The ING-GRAD Company has constructed and designed a great number of residential houses and urban villas in the northern part of Zagreb (Srebrnjak, Šalata, Mlinovi, Remete, Maksimir, Gračani). Those are mostly family houses and smaller buildings with several housing units, meant for sale on the market. The Company carries out all the works, ranging from erection to building design and arrangement. Apart from the classic and ecological materials, the latest materials available in construction industry have also been used for building, depending on the project and costumers’ demands. The equipment of buildings and apartments is high-quality, in accordance with costumers’’ wishes, so that functionality and comfortable habitations have been provided.

Residential and office building Kutina. Kutina, Kolodvorska Street 31.
The building consists of a ground-floor and three upper floors with total height of about 18,90 m measured from the ordered and aligned lowest ground line near the façade till the highest point of the roof. The building has a straight roof.


Kalinovica 3/IV
10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

Phone number

T. + 385 1 / 30 33 000
F. + 385 1 / 38 35 600