Monumenti – sv. Katarina bridge

The bridge connecting the Monumenti peninsula and the island of Sv. Katarina (St. Catherine’s island) is 233.95 m long. It consists of 21 spans, ranging from 6.95 m to 8.10 in length; total width of 4.50 m. The bridge reconstruction consisted of the construction of new piles, 50 cm in diameter, and a new hidden horizontal reinforced concrete structure within the dimensions of the existing bridge, including the complete fixing of the original reinforced concrete structure. New bridge deck has been made, 6.0 m wide, formed of a 5-m wide carriageway and the protective kerbstones from both sides of the bridge. During the performance of works, the access to the structure was difficult for the simple reason the structure was directly above the sea level and most reconstruction works had to be performed from pontoons.

Monumenti – sv. Katarina bridge


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