Bridge construction and hydraulic engineering have always represented extremely demanding engineering and construction undertaking, while improvements and all successive interventions have been considered doubly complex and demanding. The ING-GRAD Company has specialized in improvement and reconstruction of old bridges, at the same time, represent cultural monuments, as well as in the executing of specialized works on bridges, drainage sluices and dams, which are often constructed in unfavorable conditions and in inaccessible areas. Several projects stand out for the level of difficulty: the construction works on the Bridge of Doctor Franjo Tuđman near Dubrovnik, as well as the improvement works on the hydro-electric power plant Rama
Investor: Hrvatske ceste d.o.o.
The works on consolidation of the foothold bearing parts, as well as the preservation arrangement of the sloping ground under the bridge footing have been carried out by using the latest technology an...
Investor: Odvodnja Poreč d.o.o.
During 2015 and 2016, construction and craftsman work were carried out for the expansion of sewerage network to additional settlements in the Poreč region. The works were part of the Project co-finan...
Investor: Javno poduzeće Prigorac, Sesvete
Within the Mirni Gaj graveyard complex, new parts have been constructed – new grave-parcels; the works have encompassed the structuring of the pressure sewage system, water supply and drainage syste...
Investor: Hrvatske ceste d.o.o.
The later concrete bridge has been improved and reconstructed. Improvement of the span frame has been executed by applying the hydro mechanical deconstruction system cleaning, by usage of improvement ...
Investor: Hrvatske ceste d.o.o.
The improvement of the caisson-foundations of the bridge has been performed by installing the reinforced-concrete block-boards of the talpi type, by underwater concreting with a mixture prepared on th...
Investor: Vodoprivreda i odvodnja, Zagreb
In the course of the Croatian War of Independence dams on the Korana River in Karlovac and Turanj were damaged. Improvements at the downpour and drainage sluices, as well as of the dam and the crossti...
Investor: Hrvatske ceste d.o.o.
The condition of the bridge has demanded thorough improvement and reconstruction. The old and dilapidated parts have been removed by hydro mechanical deconstruction, the reinforced-concrete cornice an...


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